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TwinPaks by KitPackers are two component pouches designed for storing, mixing, and dispensing epoxies, urethanes, silicones, and almost any two component resin & powder system. They are made of a strong, flexible, chemical-resistant polyester laminate film and are available in capacities from 4 ml to 360 ml or higher.

TwinPaks are offered in two styles: burstable and clipped. Fitments are available on certain sizes to allow for the attachment of tips or nozzles for more accurate dispensing. For larger users, custom TwinPaks can be made to meet your exact needs.

TP0117: Burstable TwinPak 2 x 5 in, 10 mL

Burstable TwinPaks

Burstable TwinPaks feature a frangible (burstable) seal that separates the two (or three) components until you are ready to use. Applying deliberate pressure will cause the seal to break or burst, allowing the components to mix together.

Available Sizes

Size Part #
2 x 5 in, 10 mL, 1:1 TP0117
2 x 8 in, 30 mL, 1:1 TP0121
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TP0221: Burstable TwinPak with Dispensing Tip 10 mL

Burstable TwinPaks with Dispensing Tip

These burstable TwinPaks include a dispensing tip for more accurate and controlled dispensing.

Available Sizes

Size Part #
10 mL, 2:1 TP0221
40 mL, 2:1 TP0220
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TP0114: Clipped TwinPak 2 x 6 in, 14 mL

Clipped TwinPaks

Clipped TwinPaks use the same tough film in a sleeve form with an added rod & clip, adjusted with the proper dimensions for your mix ratio. When ready to use, remove the clip and rod to mix components together safely and reliably.

Available Sizes

Size Part #
2 x 6 in, 14 mL TP0114
2 x 8 in, 28 mL TP0115
3 x 8 in, 70 mL TP0116
4 x 12 in, 272 mL TP0113
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