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Techkits & Semkits

KitPackers offers Techkits manufactured by Techcon and Semkits manufactured by PPG Semco. Nearly identical, these complete packages are designed to store, mix, and dispense two component adhesives, sealants, encapsulants, or almost any other resin system.

Techkits and Semkits come in barrier and injection styles for different mix ratios. They’re ideal for two component resin systems that don’t have a standard mix ratio or are highly filled and need to be remixed prior to dispensing. KitPackers has over 30 years of experience filling these kits and can recommend the correct size and style for your material and application.

EA60CB-A: Barrier Techkit 6 oz

Barrier Techkits

Barrier-style two component kits are typically used with mix ratios below 10:1. Both the resin and hardener are stored in the cartridge but separated by a foil barrier attached to the mix head. Sizes range from 2.5 oz to 20 oz.

Available Sizes

Size Part #
2.5 oz EA25CB-A
6 oz EA60CB-A
8 oz EA80CB-A
1/10 gal EA110CB-A
20 oz EA200CB-A
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EA60CI-A: Injection Techkit 6 oz

Injection Techkits

Injection-style two component kits are used with mix ratios of 10:1 or higher. The base resin is contained in the cartridge while the hardener (a curing agent or catalyst) is stored inside the injection rod that has a valve.Sizes range from 2.5 oz to 20 oz.

Available Sizes

Size Part #
2.5 oz EA25CI-A
6 oz EA60CI-A
8 oz EA80CI-A
1/10 gal EA110CI-A
20 oz EA200CI-A
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