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Metal Cans

KitPackers offers one component metal cans made of tin-plated steel in 4, 8, 16, 32, and 128 oz. sizes. Metal cans are the standard for most epoxies and urethanes and are UN rated for shipping hazardous materials. They are not ideal for silicone or methyl methacrylate, which are better suited in plastic containers.

KitPackers stocks a large variety of metal cans, we also have the ability to source new containers to meet your exact application needs.

CN0102: Metal Round Can 1 gal

Metal Round Cans

Metal round cans feature a traditional paint-style can with press fit wide lids, typically used for thicker products or material that separates or settles and needs to be remixed prior to use. Smaller round cans with threaded lids are also available for applications that require a brush or dabber applicator cap.

Available Sizes

Size Part #
4 oz CN0119
1/4 Pint CN0207
1/2 Pint CN0105
1 Pint CN0103
1 Quart CN0101
1 Gallon CN0102
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CN0201 - 1 Gallon

Metal F-Style Cans

Metal f-style cans feature a rectangular lid with threaded screw cap, ideal for thinner liquids that require pouring.

Available Sizes

Size Part #
1/2 Pint CN0206
1 Pint CN0203
1 Quart CN0202
1 Gallon CN0201
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CN0113: Metal Brush Top Can 4 oz

Metal Brush Top Cans

These metal round cans feature a threaded screw cap with attached brush used for applying solvent based adhesives and primers.

Available Sizes

Size Part #
4 oz CN0113
1/2 Pint CN0108
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