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​Henkel Corporation is a leading supplier of product assembly technologies, including adhesives, sealants, coatings, and encapsulant/ potting systems. Leading divisions of Henkel Corporation include Loctite, Emerson & Cuming, and Hysol. KitPackers is an approved repackager of Henkel, Loctite, E&C, and Hysol branded products. We are experienced at packaging single and multiple component epoxy, urethane, silicone, cyanoacrylate, threadlocker/ anaerobic, and acrylic materials. Our broad range of packaging options, from syringes and cartridges (including mixed and frozen systems), to tubes, bottles, and TwinPaks, gives us the ability to repackage your Henkel product the way you want it. KitPackers can also provide custom modification of nearly every Henkel product to meet your specifications. We can add spacer beads, pigmentation and alter cure times and viscosity. Dispensing precision and accuracy require carefully packaged materials. Air entrapment, bubbles, and dissolved air can impact your performance, and different materials require different approaches when it comes to removing air. KitPackers can help you with this problem, and help you with maximum shelf life, too. Henkel, Loctite, Hysol and Emerson and Cuming trust KitPackers. You can, too. Contact us today for a quick quote.