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Dow Corning Silicone Packaging​

​Dow Corning is the world’s largest manufacturer of silicone materials. Their extensive line of adhesives, sealants, rubber materials, fluids and emulsions, lubricants and greases, and other silicone materials spans a vast range of physical properties. KitPackers has expertise with the packaging of Sylgard addition-cure silicones and the prevention of the poisoning the platinum cure catalysts. We safeguard the process by separating our silicones from other incompatible materials to insure there is no cross-contamination. KitPackers is an approved packager for Dow Corning Sylgard, Molykote and Dow Corning’s Xiameter division. We stock 15 different viscosities of Xiameter PMX200 fluids and can provide quick turn-around in a wide variety of smaller packages. We have many years of experience handling silicone materials of differing viscosities, reactivity, and mix ratios in different package configurations. We also have a long history of packaging reactive premixed and frozen (PMF) silicone systems. If modifications are required, we are uniquely capable via our Rapid Exact alliance. When it comes to Dow Corning Sylgard, Molykote and Xiameter silicone packaging, KitPackers is the global authority.