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The 3M line of Scotch-Weld adhesives includes some of the best-selling structural adhesives and sealants in the world. KitPackers is an authorized 3M repackager of their industrial adhesive and sealant products, including the Scotch-Weld, Scotch-Cast, and Scotch-Grip product lines. 3M Scotch-Weld epoxy, urethane, cyanoacrylate, and acrylic products are available in a huge range of viscosities and mix ratios with different levels of reactivity. KitPackers is experienced at packaging these products in syringes and cartridges (including pre-mixed and frozen) as well as bulk containers per customer specifications. We understand that your need for dispensing accuracy, precision and maximum shelf life can depend on accurate package fill and the elimination of entrapped air. Whether you’re a 3M distributor or end-user, we can help you find the right packaging combination for your requirements. Need special labeling or product modification? We can help with that, too. Contact us for a quick quote online today.